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Chocolate Junkyard

With rich chocolate, fresh cream chocolate mousse, chocolate coated sweets and chocolate shavings.


Baked blueberry cheesecake

Marbled with blueberry compote and decorated with crumble, with a base of biscuit crumble.


New York Cheesecake

Traditional New York recipe uses fresh cream cheese, eggs, and dairy icecream.


Belgian Apple Pie

Butter pastry case filled with apples and sultanas, finished with a butter pasty lattice lid.


Sicilian lemon Pudding

Lemon pudding infused with Sicilian lemon, oil topped with a tangy lemon sauce.


Profiterole Scuro

Choux pastry filled with chantilly cream, covered with milk chocolate icecream.


Tiramisu Tray

Three layers of sponge soaked with coffee and rum and filled with zabaglione cream.



Chocolate and hazelnut scuro


Flute al Limoncello

Fresh lemon ice cream with swirls of Limoncello Liquor sauce in a elegant champagne flute.


Cannolo Siciliano

Traditional Desert, a wafer roll filled with ricotta cheese, chocolate drops and candied orange peel.



Aslice of vanilla chocolate ice cream with a cream and candied fruit centre.


Semifreddo Torroncino

Nougat ice cream topped with crushed hazelnut praline.


Flute Fiorentina

Tantilising Italian dairy ice cream rippled with cocoa and decorated with macaroons.


Tarta Fantastica

Vanilla and caramel ice cream, toffee sauce with almonds and chocolate covered toffee balls.



New Forest Sorbet

Lemon or Sambuca


New Forest Ice Cream

Vanilla Pod, Chocolate, Strawberry, Rum & Raisin, Honeycomb Swirl,

Mint Choc Chip Ripple, Irish Cream, Banana, Pistachio or Amaretto




Strawberry, Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream in a novelty souvenir toy.



Dorset Cheese Board

Somerset Brie, Gorganzola or Dorset Cheddar
Served with Fudge’s Cheese Biscuits….£7.25

Compliment with
Taylor’s Vintage Port….£2.50

Cockburn's Fine Ruby Port….£2.30


Traditional Sunday Roast
Served: Sunday 12:00 - 2:30 

If you have any allergies or dietary needs please inform us

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